Core Confidence Clinics are a one-day combination of riding and fitness tuition designed to help riders of all abilities.


We will show you how to improve the horse and rider relationship, reduce pain, increase mobility and ultimately increase your confidence in the saddle.

Attending a Core Confidence Clinic can help you achieve a wide range of improvements for you and your horse

Do you want to?

  • Understand your body and how affects you in the saddle

  • Increase mobility and reduce pain

  • Regain good posture naturally

  • Improve relationship between horse and rider

  • Boost your confidence in the saddle

What to expect

  • 1-on-1 mounted assessment from a qualified BHS coach

  • Individual Biomechanics assessment

  • Postural Improvement Workshop

  • Group riding lesson from a qualified BHS coach

  • Group Pilates for horse riders class

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