Dressage Horse

1-2-1 Online Equestrian Workshop

This service is a one off, 1-2-1 session with full analysis of your riding from a Pilates perspective.

Initial Consultation

Initial 15-minute telephone consultation to understand the issues apparent in your riding 


Video analysis

You will be required to send a recent video of your riding to DFK Coaching. This can be done via email, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

This video must include walk, trot, and canter on both reins, as well as riding in all 3 paces in a straight line towards and away from the camera. 


Bespoke Plan & Video

We will analyse your riding video then produce a bespoke Pilates plan with suggested exercises to help improve your riding. We will then create an individually crafted video with the exercises designed to help you.


Follow-up Review

A follow up consultation to discuss and review the bespoke plan and exercises.